MedTech West seminar on inventory of intellectual assets

Getting a hold on your ideas

The present focus on innovation as a process that will solve a diverse array of problems has also put an emphasis on the handling of IP, intellectual property, especially if, when and how to apply for a patent. But relatively few ideas are fit to become patents and there are many other ways to utilize knowledge than commercialization, for example through research collaboration, open innovation and in the health care system. Therefore we recommend first focusing on intellectual assets, that is objectively described, packable and transferable forms of knowledge such as models, methods, data, designs, software and inventions. The process to identify and the use of intellectual assets in the academic environment will be discussed during this seminar.

A simple lunch will be served to those who have registered to by Tuesday November 6. Please write November 8 in the subject line.

The seminar is part of a national and Vinnova-sponsored so called “Research and Innovations Agenda” called “The role of technology in today’s and tomorrow’s health care”. This agenda is led by the Swedish National Forum for Medical Technology in which MedTech West is a partner.

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