MedTech West seminar with Lennart Thurfjell: Data-driven medicine for differential diagnostics of neurodegenerative diseases

The healthcare world is changing. The adoption of electronic health records, improved connectivity, new biomarkers, wearable devices and more advanced imaging techniques with higher resolutions, means that physicians are faced with rapidly increasing amounts of data. Today, despite high cost of gathering the data, a large portion of clinically relevant data is left unexploited. This is while healthcare providers are faced with the demand of providing better quality of care without increasing healthcare costs. Many believe that the solution to these challenges lies in the adoption of new technologies based on the principles of data-driven medicine.

This seminar will focus on data-driven medicine for differential diagnostics in neurodegenerative diseases. The challenge is – how can we bring together heterogeneous information from medical imaging with lab data and clinical data in a system that extracts clinically relevant information in a way that is intuitive for the user? This question has been addressed in PredictND, an EU FP7 project. A tool has been developed that combines information extracted from MRI with CSF biomarkers, genetics and results from neuropsychological tests. The tool is now further developed by Combinostics, a startup digital health company. The methods presented are being validated in retrospective and prospective studies and results for differential diagnostics in dementia will be presented.

The seminar will be given by Lennart Thurfjell, PhD, adjunct professor in Neuroimaging at the University of Gothenburg and MedTech West, and CEO at Combinostics.

Where? Hjärtats aula, Vita stråket 12, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
When? Thursday 28 April 2016, 14:00-14:45 (15:15 incl. coffee)
How? Register here at the latest on 25 April