MTW blog: PhD student Jennifer Alvén blogging at Chalmers


My name is Jennifer Alvén and I am a PhD student in the computer vision and medical image analysis research group at the department of signals and systems at Chalmers university of technology.

I have been a PhD since February 2015, and before that I started out as a master thesis student in the same group in July 2014. I carry out research in the field of medical image analysis with Fredrik Kahl as my supervisor, and in collaboration with MedTech West. Thus, you can sometimes find me in the MedTech West premises at ‘Röda stråket’ as well as navigating through the culverts of Sahlgrenska.

Broadly speaking, my research equals developing automatic algorithms for tissue classification and organ segmentation of medical 3D images. I prefer developing general methods (based on for example robust statistics and machine learning) that can be used for a wide spectrum of applications – so far I’ve worked with problems such as pericardium segmentation in cardiac CT/CTA, multi-organ segmentation in whole-body CT and brain MRI segmentation.

women-2-750x340pxOne of the projects I am currently involved in, includes coronary arteries classification within the SCAPIS project. Right now, my focus is to detect plaques given a cardiac CTA and a corresponding delineated coronary tree as input. My long-term goal is to teach the computer to (for example) detect stenosis, classify detected plaques and perform lumen segmentation, maybe with the help of the popular set of machine learning methods known as ‘deep learning’.

Though, research is (of course) not my only responsibility. This year, I have been supervising two of MedTech West’s master thesis students (Elvin Alcevska and Bolin Shao), and since September I am also supervising a master student doing her thesis at the biometrics company ‘Fingerprints’. Further, I am a teaching assistant in courses at the Chalmers Department of Signals and Systems (such as image analysis and applied signal processing) as well as I am attending own courses in mathematics, computer science and ‘soft skills’ (such as leadership and communication). Also, I am engaged in WiSE, which is a Chalmers based project aiming to create networks for women in academia.

So – why on earth are you right now reading a mere PhD’s biography? Well, right now I am blogging on the Chalmers web about the picks and perks of being a PhD, as well as other subjects ranging from current research projects I’m involved in to my view on gender equality in academia. Thus, following my blog will include…

● Getting my views on Chalmers gender equality agenda
● Following me to Cancún in Mexico for my first major conference
● Updates on whether I will manage to finish my licentiate thesis in time or not

… and much more of course!

Here´s the link to my Chalmers blog: