MTW seminar on Aug 28: Transcranial Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy (MRgFUS)

At this seminar Olle Corneliuson, neurosurgeon at Sahlgrenska University hospital Sahlgrenska, will be presenting the new method MRgFUS, which has great potential, especially within the fields of neurosurgery, oncology and psychiatry. Ultrasound energy from a large number of transducers (approx. 1,000) can penetrate the skull bone in a controlled and focused manner. The process is being monitored by MRI and can be used when treating e.g. movement disorders (Parkinson´s disease, tremor, dystonia), brain tumours, stroke, epilepsy och hydrocephalus.

Welcome to a MTW lunchseminar to hear more about a new, non-invasive neurosurgical method!

Day: August 28, 2015
Time: 11.30 – 12.30 (13.00 inkl. lunch)
Location: Förmaket, Vita Stråket 12, Sahlgrenska

A light lunch will be served to those who have registered before 13:00 PM on Aug 26.
Please, email your registration to:
Write “Seminar Aug 28″ in the subject field.