Neural oscillations and next-generation MEG sensors conference at Chalmers

Welcome to join us at “Neural oscillations and next-generation MEG sensors”, May 27-28th at Chalmers, Gothenburg.

OBS! New dates 27-28 May (lunch-to-lunch).

This event is organized on the background of the NeuroSQUID project, a collaboration between Chalmers, MedTechWest, University of Gothenburg and NatMEG, working over the next 5 years towards the development of a next-generation, head-shape-adjustable highTc-SQUID system, enabling millimeter sensor-to-scalp proximity.

Over 2 days (ca lunch to lunch), internationally acclaimed speakers will share their recent research and development achievements and provide informative lectures about the functionality and connectivity of neural oscillations, the high-Tc SQUID technology, and the role of technological and methodological advances for cognitive neuroscience and clinical applications.

Associate Professor Justin Schneiderman (MedTech West & University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

– NeuroSQUID: Our past achievements and future hopes for high-Tc SQUID-based magnetoencephalography

Professor Michael Faley (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany)

– High-Tc SQUIDs for MEG and other prospective applications

Professor Matti Hämäläinen (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland)

– On-scalp MEG will Provide Ultimate Spatial Resolution and Sensitivity

Assistant Professor Alexandre Gramfort (Telecom ParisTech, France)

– The impact of tools and modeling assumptions on neuroscience results.

Professor Xavier de Tiége (Université libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium)

– Why do we need the next-generation of MEG sensors for clinical MEG ?

Professor Riitta Hari (Director of the Brain Research Unit, Aalto University, Finland)

– How does a neuroscientist view signals and noise in MEG recordings?

The workshop requires registration, but is free of charge to attendees thanks to support from Swedish Bioimaging and StratNeuro.

Registered attendees are also invited to a joint dinner eve of day 1, and to a joint lunch end of day 2.

To register, send your name, email and affiliation to .

Number of seats are limited, so please register now to make sure you get a seat.

Registration is complete once you receive a confirmation from Daniel.

Travel grants are available upon application. To apply, send your name, email, affiliation, travel costs estimate and a max 5-line motivation to your application to Travel grant funds are limited, so please apply sooner rather than later if you are interested in this.

Best wishes,
Daniel Lundqvist, NatMEG
Dag Winkler, Chalmers
Justin Schneiderman, MedTech West and the University of Gothenburg