New PhD students at MedTech West

Elin Eriksson and Christoph Pfeiffer

Elin Eriksson comes from the Uppsala area. She has got a medical degree and is a PhD student in Prof. Johan Wessberg’s research group in the neurophysiology department at the University of Gothenburg. Elin´s PhD project is focusing on exploring the central processing of touch using EEG and MEG. Johan Wessberg is Elin Eriksson´s supervisor.

Christoph Pfeiffer is from Germany. Before Christoph came here, he did his master in electrical engineering and information technology with focus on sensor systems at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. During his time here Christoph will be working in the field of MEG on hardware development as well as data analysis and processing. Christoph is at the Quantum device Physics, MC2, at Chalmers with Justin Schneidermann as his supervisor.

Both Elin and Christoph started their PhDs in June.

Welcome to MedTech West!