Professor Rolf A. Heckemann at MedTech West part of two collaborative projects that have received ALF grant

Professor Rolf A. Heckemann at MedTech West is part of two collaborative projects that have received ALF grant.

The first project is Biologiska markörer för epilepsi och för behandlingsutfall. For patients with epilepsy, every seizure event worsens the prognosis. In a third of these people, treatment with antiepileptic drugs does not work, and there currently is no way of predicting treatment response. This study, lead by Kristina Malmgren, aims to discover characteristics that correlate with treatment response and disease outcome. The MedTech West contribution to this study will be to analyse MR images of the brain in these patients and seek structural measurements which enables predicting who can be helped with drugs and who likely isn´t going to be better served by brain surgery. The grant for this project is SEK 850 000.

The second project, Hjärnans funktion vid Graves sjukdom, is lead by Helena Filipsson Nyström. The study will receive a grant of SEK 400 ooo. Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder that mainly affects the thyroid gland, but also various other organs, notably the central nervous system. Brain involvement can lead to affective symptoms and cognitive decline due to mechanisms that are poorly understood, and these problems tend to persist after therapy. MedTech West will support this project by studying structural changes of the brain on MR images of the participants over the course of the disease and its treatment, seeking to understand how the disease impacts the brain. With this knowledge, we may be able to develop treatments that reduce this impact and improve patients’ quality of life.