Smartphone app jalp! won “best pitch” in Venture Cup

Eight out of 10 bicycle accidents in Sweden are single accidents. jalp! is a smartphone app that can detect a bicycle accident and send an automatic alarm for help including GPS information. The developers have won “best pitch” in this year’s Venture Cup.

Since most bicycle accidents are single accidents the risk of being left injured without help is high when biking. That is why an app like jalp! can make a difference, to enable a more effective emergency response. If the bicyclist using the app is involved in an accident, the app sends out a text or a call to emergency numbers the user has specified.
– The app will increase both the actual and the perceived security for bicyclists and their families and friends, says Stefan Candefjord, researcher at Signals and Systems at Chalmers University of Technology.
jalp! was developed by four students at Chalmers University of Technology, Robert Andersson, Johannes Vestlund, Niklas Carlborg and Adam Szakal, as a Bachelors degree work. The group won best pitch in Venture cup in the West Swedish region in the end of October. The prize includes consultancy services from the ad agency WBL.  jalp! will soon be available, first at the Android market and then for iPhone.
The idea for the app came from Stefan and his colleagues Leif Sandsjö, Assistant Professor at School of Engineering at University of Borås, and Bengt-Arne Sjöqvist, Professor of the Practice at Signals and Systems at Chalmers, who are all connected to MedTech West and SAFER – Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers. Their research focuses on traffic accidents and what can be done to make the emergency response as effective as possible.
– We work with developing more advanced solutions for eCall, which is an EU effort to provide automatic crash alarms for cars. Since vulnerable road users such as bicyclists make up an increasing proportion of killed and injured in the traffic we realized that they are an important target group for automatic alarms, says Stefan Candefjord.
Already today a significant part of the Swedish population have smartphones, which is an advantage for the app since all it takes is a simple download before it can be used. There is no need for additional hardware to be installed on the bicycle.

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