Speed dating and networking between Chalmers and the Sahlgrenska Academy

speeddating3Researcher speed dating and poster exhibition was on the agenda on 11 October when Young Faculty at Chalmers and Future Faculty at the Sahlgrenska Academy got together. A workshop with the aim to let people from Chalmers and Sahlgrenska Academy network and connect was initiated by Marta Bally, Assistant professor and new profile leader for the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance at Chalmers University of Technology.
arrangorerTo help, she had the MedTech West researcher Justin Schneiderman, Marie Kalm and Helga Lidö from the Future Faculty at the Sahlgrenska Academy. MedTech West helped arranging this event, which is in line with the work at MedTech West. Young PI:s and advanced postdocs in the area of life science were invited, and 36 researchers registered– 14 from Chalmers and 22 from the Sahlgrenska Academy.

speed2The workshop started with a presentation by Gunnar Bjursell from Karolinska Institutet. Bjursell, who was the scientific leader for the establishment of bioscience at Chalmers, gave an inspired talk about his own experiences of translational research. Beforehand, all participants had gotten a booklet with pictures and short summaries of the other participants´ research. This was to make it easier to find mutual interests during the speed dating session when the participants from Chalmers spent 5 minutes talking to all the other participants from the Sahlgrenska Academy.

postersession1While having a snack, people could then mingle around at the poster exhibition and for those who wanted, the evening continued on with dinner and boule.

– We would like to see this as a recurring event, says Marta Bally and everybody that participated in the workshop seemed to agree.

wineAre you a young faculty member within the field of life science at Chalmers or the Sahlgrenska Academy that want to be part of future events, contact:

Marta Bally: bally@chalmers.se
Marie Kalm: Marie.Kalm@neuro.gu.se
Helga Lidö: Helga.Lido@neuro.gu.se
Justin Schneiderman: Justin.Schneiderman@neuro.gu.se