VHAP project receives funding from Chalmers and Autoliv

Professor of Practice Bengt Arne Sjöqvist and Assistant Professor Stefan Candefjord, researchers at MedTech West and Chalmers, have received funding from Chalmers in collaboration with Autoliv Development AB. The funding will cover a post-doc for the period 2019-2020, which represents a new research track and commercial platform for increasing traffic safety, improving intelligent transportation systems and enabling in-vehicle health monitoring, named the Vehicle Human Assessment Platform (VHAP).


– The idea for VHAP builds upon a joint initiative aiming at exploring the prerequisites for automotive and healthcare sectors to cooperate and share knowledge and ideas utilizing a jointly defined VHAP, says Bengt-Arne Sjöqvist. The concept is inspired of work previously performed at the Department of Electrical Engineering, MedTech West and SAFER in collaboration with Autoliv and VTI for assessing driver level of sleepiness via artificial intelligence (AI), by machine learning of heart rate variability signals.


The post-doc will be hosted at the Department of Electrical Engineering, in the division of Signal processing and Biomedical engineering. The recruitment process will be initiated later this fall.