Welcome to a MedTech West & Stroke Centrum Väst joint seminar: Streamlining Acute Stroke Care

Welcome to a new MedTech West and Stroke Centrum Väst lunch seminar on April 10th.

Stroke is the third leading cause of mortality and one of the leading causes of morbidity worldwide. The decade has seen a revolution in the treatment of acute stroke, initially with the use of intravenous thrombolysis and more recently with the advent of endovascular thrombectomy. Both these treatment modalities and their potential outcomes are time dependent, the key factor being the delay from onset of symptoms to treatment. Streamlining the treatment chain starting with the emergency service response and the emergency room has resulted in a reduction in the delay resulting in improved outcomes. Despite the emphasis on reducing treatment time in-hospital, there is a significant prehospital delay, which contributes most to prolonged treatment times.

This joint seminar will be given by three researchers at the forefront of acute stroke care: Dr Martin Kurz, MD, PhD, Stavanger University Hospital; Prof Mikael Elam, MD, PhD, Sahlgrenska University Hospital; Dr Thomas Lindner, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Advisor for the Stroke research in the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation.

Dr Martin Kurz will present the development of stroke care and highlight ongoing research projects at Stavanger University Hospital. To decrease the prehospital delay several public awareness campaigns to increase awareness and encourage a rapid response to acute onset stroke symptoms have been run. At the Stavanger University Hospital we have from 2009 onward systematically streamlined the stroke treatment chain. The results of this work will be presented highlighting ongoing research projects.

Prof. Mikael Elam will present the pioneering work of developing microwave technology for prehospital diagnosis of stroke performed at Chalmers University of Technology in collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Medfield Diagnostics AB. Two clinical trials enrolling 20 + 25 stroke patients performed with research prototype systems have been completed. The first portable system suitable for diagnosis in a prehospital setting has now been developed and the first study evaluating prehospital use of this method is currently being initiated in region Västra Götaland.

Dr. Thomas Lindner will present pioneering research by the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation. For the first time ever, anaesthesiologists – rather than neurologists – are diagnosing patients after a stroke in the prehospital arena. This is happening in a specially designed stroke ambulance, equipped with a CT scanner and blood analyses possibilities. The long-term objective for this research project is to find out whether it is possible and safe to implement prehospital diagnosis and treatment of thromboembolic strokes in an air ambulance service staffed by an anaesthesiologist. The project is a collaboration between the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, Rikshospitalet (Oslo University Hospital) and Østfold Hospital. The results will form the basis of the decision as to whether stroke diagnosis and treatment should be incorporated into the range of care provided by the air ambulance service.

A light lunch will be served afterwards to participants that have registered before 12:00 on April 8th.

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Where: Kammaren, Vita stråket 12, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset
When: April 10th. 11:30-12:30 (13:00 incl. lunch)