WiSE lunchseminar: How have I survived the academic jungle- so far?

Marie-KalmOn 15 June 2017, Marie Kalm, assistant professor at the department of pharmacology, University of Gothenburg, will be talking at a WiSE seminar at Chalmers. Marie Kalm is involved in teaching, research and peer driven organizations (e.g. former chair for Future Faculty*).

Marie´s research is focused on foreseeing and preventing the chronic and progressive injury to the brain following cranial radiotherapy in the treatment of brain tumors. Her work includes both clinical and preclinical studies. For example, can biomarkers be used to foresee the individual’s path toward a chronic memory dysfunction following cranial radiotherapy? She is currently investigating radiation-induced injury processes in relation to the individual sensitivity to radiotherapy towards the brain in both children and adult. Welcome to hear Marie´s story on her academic career so far!

When? 11:30-13:00, 15 June 2017
Where? Landahlsrummet, Hörsalsvägen 9, 7th floor, Chalmers University of Technology, Campus Johanneberg, Göteborg

WiSE offers lunch during the seminar to registered participants. REGISTER HERE at the latest on 12 June to get lunch.

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