WiSE seminar 8 May: Virpi Tuunainen

Virpi Tuunainen, Aalto-yliopisto, Aalto University, Econ, School of Economics, 2011

At this WiSE seminar professor Virpi Tuunainen will present her research in the field of Information Systems Science (ISS), which is a discipline combining business and technology.

Typically residing in business schools, the ISS scholars are essentially trying to understand how we can change the world with ICT, and ICT enabled or supported services. We are not software engineers or computer scientists, but not quite business scholars (as in marketing, management, economics, finance, etc), either. Our interest focuses on technology related issues and phenomena that we attempt to make sense, learn from and provide advice for with theories and tools adapted from business disciplines and social sciences. Overall, we are a bit “too techy” for other business school scholars, but also “too soft” for colleagues in engineering fields. Yet, being “in between” is useful in many ways, for example, in making it possible for us to be able to “speak the same language” with a wide range of practitioners in firms and other organisations. In this presentation, Virpi will discuss some of the opportunities as well as challenges of ISS research.

Virpi Tuunainen is a professor of information systems science at the Department of Information and Service Economy of Aalto University School of Business, and past director of Aalto University Service Factory (2010-2015). She’s a Jubilee Professor at the Department of Applied IT in Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg in 2017. Earlier, she has been a visiting professor/researcher in University of Hong Kong, University of Texas at Austin, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Auckland, Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School. Virpi´s current research focuses on ICT enabled or enhanced services, customer and community digital innovation, and creative use of ICT.

NOTE! During the seminar, WiSE will serve lunch to participants that have registered before 11.00 am on Friday 5 May.

When?11:30-13:00 on Monday 8 May, 2017
Where?Landahlsrummet, Maskingränd 2, vån 7Ö, Chalmers Johanneberg


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