WiSE seminar with Prof. Maria Larsson

Welcome to a WiSE seminar with Professor Maria Larsson, co-head of the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University, and co-head of The Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

When? Friday February 14th at 11.00 – 12.30
Where? Blå rummet, 6th floor, Hörsalsvägen 9, Chalmers.
Directions: From the entrance at Hörsalsvägen 9, take the elevator to floor 6, turn left and left again. The conference room is on your right side in the middle of the corridor.

We will get inspired by Prof. Larsson’s research, which is oriented towards cognitive functioning and in particular memory functions. In particular, she is studying how higher order olfactory functions (e.g., episodic odor memory, odor identification) changes over the life span and how neurodegenerative disorders and genetic status may affect olfactory processing. We will also have the opportunity to discuss relevant topics for women in academia.

During the seminar we offer lunch. Please respond by the latest on February 12th at 11 am with an email to wise@medtechwest.se.

We welcome all interested researchers in academia, so be WiSE and join us!