Workshop invitation: Online ImageLab December 16

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together medical professionals, academics and industry to obtain feedback and input on the ImageLab concept, and to solicit additional applications and application ideas.

Date: Monday 16 December 2013,
Time: 12:30-15:30 incl. lunch, served at the venue
Location: The X-ray department’s conference room (”Sibirien”), C2-42 at Karolinska University hospital, Huddinge

Register by sending an email to no later than December 10. Please write “ImageLab workshop Dec 16” in the subject line.


1. Working lunch, with project and concept presentations and “App” demos
2. Discussions:
a. Functionalities of ImageLab
b. Challenges and keys to success
c. New “App” ideas for ImageLab + funding for “App” development



The Vinnova-funded project ”Online ImageLab” focuses on the area of medical image analysis, to which healthcare is increasingly turning in order to meet challenges in efficiency and quality of care – see Many powerful medical image analysis methods and applications are presently available, but do not reach clinical practice because they are developed in academia or by small specialised technology companies who do not have the resources to build and maintain a large customer base. Healthcare providers likewise do not have the resources to seek out, evaluate and introduce new methods and applications. What is needed is a cost-effective solution to address this disconnect. The aim of this project is to develop such a solution, namely, a centralised cloud-based service platform for medical image analysis called “Imagelab”. In simple terms the platform is as kind of “AppStore” for healthcare providers. The image analysis services are delivered online through a cloud-based technology platform providing secure, anonymised and efficient data transfer. ImageLab provides the customer with access to a vast range of medical image analysis “Apps”. It enables technology companies to reach a large number of potential customers through a single installation of their product. Imagelab will help small companies to market their products and support their customers. Imagelab is also designed for clinical validation of research-level methods and for patients to initiate analyses themselves. During the current second phase of the project a demonstrator platform is being developed to provide connectivity between the care provider, ImageLab and the analysis provider and to showcase several demonstration “Apps”. Some of these will be demonstrated during the workshop. Funding is available for the development of new “Apps” – see here for more information. The Imagelab project parties are Sectra-Imtec AB (project manager), Exini Diagnostics AB, Advanced MR Analytics AB, Diagnostiskt Centrum vid Skånes universitetssjukhus, Center for Medical Image Science & Visualization (CMIV) in Linköping, Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper at University of Lund, MedTech West and Ortopedicentrum at Linköping University hospital.


Don’t forget to apply for funding for the development of a cloud-based medical image analysis “app” for ImageLab Online. Read more about the call and how to apply here.