Paper submission

The deadline for submissions to SSBA has passed.



Papers submitted to SSBA 2013 are not peer reviewed. We accept all papers dealing with computerised image analysis, image processing, image coding, computer vision, pattern recognition and related areas provided they conform to the format described below.

You are free to publish your submissions elsewhere—e.g. at another conference or in a journal—either before or after SSBA 2013.

Submissions must be written in English.

Proceedings will be distributed to participants in electronic form during on-site registration.

Papers will be presented orally in single track over two days. If the number of submissions is too large for a single track programme then a second track will be added to the programme.

Submission format

Papers should be prepared using either of the following SSBA templates: LaTeX or Word.

We strongly recommend that you use LaTeX rather than Word.

Papers must be submitted as a PDF file and must not exceed 4 pages.

To simplify the production of the proceedings please ensure that you adhere to the following directives:

  • The page size must be A4 (default in the template);
  • All fonts in the document should be embedded in the PDF file (default in the template);
  • Use pdflatex to create the PDF file directly from LaTeX;
  • Do not use the hyperref package in LaTeX;
  • Follow the template format strictly – do not change margins, spacing or font sizes, and do not append headers, footers or numbering.

Submissions not conforming to these instructions will be rejected.

Protecting PDF Files

Given that the proceedings will be distributed in electronic format and may contain previously unpublished material, you may protect your PDF file from web crawlers etc. in one of the following two ways:

  1. Converting the pages of the document to bitmaps (using at least 300 dpi for the text); or
  2. Locking the PDF file with the password “ssba2013” (lower-case, no spaces).

The first option is preferred over the second one.

Submissions to SSBA 2013 should be made by 23:59 GMT+1, February 17, 2013.

How to Submit

To submit your paper please send an email to with your PDF file as an attachment and the subject line “Bidrag till SSBA 2013” or “Submission to SSBA 2013”.


  1. The name of the PDF file should be in the format FamilynameGivenname.pdf, where Givenname and Familyname are the given and family name of the first author.
  2. It is possible to submit several papers with the same email.