PhD student day

Programme for the PhD student day.

Time Activity Venue
9.30–10.00 Welcome, coffee Chalmers
Ehus-foajén at S2
10.00–10.45 Lecture by Dr. Andreas Fhager: Medical diagnostics with microwaves Chalmers
11.15–12.00 Visit to Medfield Diagnostics — demonstration of microwave measurement Medfield Diagnostics, Medicinaregatan 8A
12.00–13.00 Lunch Café Anatomen
Medicinaregatan 3A
13.00–14.30 Visit to Centre for Cellular Imaging – an Advanced Light Microscopy Facility Medicinaregatan 7A
14.45–15.00 Coffee Sahlgrenska
15.00–15.45 Prof. Mikael Elam presents the upcoming Sahlgrenska Imaging & Intervention Centre (Swedish: Bild- och interventionscentrum – BoIC) Sahlgrenska
16.00–17.00 Tour of the hybrid operating theatre Sahlgrenska
17.30–19.30 Dinner Hello Monkey
Linnégatan 52
20.00–21.30 SSBA Welcome reception City Hall
Gustaf Adolfs torg

Information for finding the meeting place at Signals and systems (S2)

See the map. Take tram or bus to the tram station “Chalmers” (marked with a red circle on the map) or bus to “Chalmers Tvärgata” (blue circle) and walk to S2 and the meeting place at the main entrance at Hörsalsvägen (large green X).

Download map to S2 here