• Welcome to MedTech West MedTech West is a network and collaborative platform for research, education, development and evaluation of new biomedical concepts and technologies. We initiate, facilitate and promote increased research collaboration between the health care sector, industry and academia. Our focus is on addressing actual clinical needs in collaboration with relevant clinical staff.
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  • Welcome to a new MedTech West seminar with Sven Ekholm

    På detta lunchseminarium kommer Sven Ekholm, senior rådgivare för akademiseringen av BoIC, att prata om framtidens forskning i BoIC. Seminariet är särskilt intressant för dig som arbetar med forskning eller forskningsfrågor i eller kring Bild- och interventionscentrum (BoIC). När? Den 11 december 2014 kl. 11.45-12.30 Var? Hjärtats aula, Vita stråket 12. Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset. För nästan tio år sedan beslöt man sig inom VGR, SU och GU/SA för att investera i…

    House warming on November 26

    Warm welcome to stop by the new “MedTech West House” on Röda stråket 10B and spend a pleasant afternoon mingling with us and friends! You will have a chance to meet MedTech West and other researchers from healthcare, industry and academia. There are also opportunities to learn more about our ongoing projects and activities, and perhaps you can even initiate new ones.

    WiSE in MedTech Magazine

    WiSE, Women in SciencE, run by MedTech West in collaboration with Chalmers, is a project born with the intention to take actions in supporting young female researchers. At MTD, WiSE arranged an inspirational lunch, which was described in an article in MedTech Magazine:

    6 million SEK from Barncancerfonden to MedTech West researchers

    Justin F. Schneiderman, researcher at MedTech West has, together with colleagues at Sahlgrenska University hospital, recently been granted 3 million SEK for the collaborative project Child MEG: A functional nuero-imaging system for children with brain tumorsD. Also Hana Dobsicek Trefna, associated with MedTech West, has recently been granted 3 million SEK for her project. Both from Barncancer-fonden. In the Child-MEG project, Justin Schneiderman is working together with Magnus Sabel, specialist…

    A MedTech West seminar: Prehospital occult trauma detection and monitoring of traffic accident victims

    This seminar is presented by Ruben Buendía, postdoc at MTW and the SAFER center. Ruben Buendias PhD was a collaboration between KTH, Högskolan i Borås and the University of Alcalá in Spain, about enhancing body composition assessment with bioimpedance methods. Ruben Buendias research is focusing on human monitoring of physiological variables using smart textiles, occult trauma detection and monitoring with bioimpedance methods and triage enhancement. Electrical BioImpedance (EBI) technology is a…

    Bushra Riaz – a new addition to the MedTech West team

    Bushra Riaz is now doing her PhD at the University of Gothenburg. She will be working with the High Tc SQUID-based “Focal MEG” project led by Justin Schneiderman. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan, Bushra Riaz went on to obtain a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at Chalmers. She worked as a lecturer at National University of Science and Technology…

    Internationellt seminarium kring ett framtida kliniskt och translationellt forskningscenter i Göteborg

    Måndagen den 3 november arrangerade Sahlgrenska Akademin under ledning av Sven Ekholm, senior rådgivare för Sahlgrenska Akademin för akademiseringen av BoIC, ett heldagsseminarium på Academicum. Målet med dagen var att diskutera möjligheterna för ett kliniskt och translationellt forskningscenter här i Göteborg. Under dagen fick åhörarna bland annat ta del av erfarenheter och lärdomar som gjorts vid ”Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI)” i Rochester, NY, USA. Detta är ett forskningsinstitut…

    A MedTech West seminar: Using FPGA technology and heterogeneous designs to accelerate image analysis and microwave applications

    Welcome to a seminar with Sven Holmquist, CEO, Synective Labs. This presentation and follow-up discussion will cover the subject of acceleration. Synective Labs has worked within the acceleration niche for more than 10 years and has accelerated algorithms by optimization and the use of FPGA, GPU and heterogeneous designs in many different domains. By implementing algorithms on FPGAs, the computational speed could increase 10-100 times with decreased power consumption, leading…

    A MedTech West seminar: Promoting ICT and eHealth in Prehospital Care

    with Bengt Arne Sjöqvist from Chalmers and Magnus Andersson Hagiwara from university college of Borås Bengt Arne Sjöqvist is a researcher and Professor of Practice at Signals and Systems, Chalmers. His research is mainly within the field of eHealth with a focus on combining biomedical technology with telecommunications and IT. Since 2011, Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Professor of Practice at Signals and Systems, Chalmers, has led the project Metis on behalf…

    A MedTech West seminar -Recent studies on medical image analysis and computer-aided diagnosis

    with Prof. Jie Yang from the Institute of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Shanghai JiaoTong Univ., China. Abstract:   In this seminar, some recent studies on medical image analysis and computer aided diagnosis from the Institute of IPPR at Shanghai JiaoTong University (China) are presented. First, a demonstration of a range of medical image analysis results is given. We will then focus on describing 3 newly developed methods in recent…

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