Image Analysis

Projects in the area of image analysis focus on the visualization, enhancement, registration and interpretation of medical images of various types

Sensor Technologies

We are developing a variety of sensor technologies and systems catered to clinical needs

Microwave Technologies

Our microwave research area is broad and focuses both on diagnostics, imaging, and treatment applications.

Electromagnetic Modeling

Current focus lies on mapping functional areas of the brain primarily through modeling its local electromagnetic (EM) activities.

Smart Textiles

Smart textiles are textile materials and products that interact with users and/or the environment.

Digital Health/ eHealth

Our research within eHealth is focused on solutions to support care outside of the hospital environment.

MedTech West events

Welcome to the Henry Wallman Award prize ceremony 2019

The Henry Wallman prize is an innovation prize in medical technology, which from 2018 will be awarded annually to young researchers or graduate students who,...

Image of a woman

Informationsseminarium #2 om Medtech4Healths och Swelifes samverkansutlysning för bättre hälsa

För dig som inte kan komma på det första informationsseminariet på Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset den 11 oktober kan vi nu erbjuda ytterligare ett tillfälle! Samverkansutlysningen riktar...

MedTech West lunchseminar on Clinical Innovation Fellowships Program

The Clinical Innovation Fellowships Program is a joint initiative of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institutet (KI), and...

Half-day seminar: AI in pre-hospital care

AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in healthcare, opening up possibilities for better diagnoses, easier access to medical care, and it contributes to an improved work...

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