About MedTech West

MedTech West is a network and collaborative platform for research, education, development and evaluation of new biomedical concepts and technologies. We initiate, facilitate and promote increased research collaboration between the health care sector, industry and academia. Our focus is on addressing actual clinical needs in collaboration with relevant clinical staff.

MedTech West is a joint venture and was founded in 2009 by Chalmers University of TechnologyGothenburg UniversityUniversity of BoråsVästra Götalandsregionen, and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

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MedTech West’s overall objective is to increase the volume and quality of collaborative research projects in the area of medical technology. In particular it seeks to foster active participation in the introduction of new technology platforms into the clinical environment; undertake frontline research; provide access to clinical expertise; to promote understanding and the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the biomedical sector; and to fascilitate networking between the health care sector, industry and academia through conferences and similar events.